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Welcome to Hertford Methodist Church

Hertford Methodist Church seeks God's transformation of our lives and our community - in Hertford and the wider world - for His greater glory through prayer, care and worship.

We have no mission but to serve
in full obedience to our LORD:
To care for all, without reserve,
and spread his liberating Word.

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We are a group committed to our Lord Jesus Christ and are seeking to deepen our experience of God through his Holy Spirit. We would be very pleased to have you join us on our Christian pilgrimage; you will be enriched and we shall also be enriched by your presence.
One of the things we consider important is to let God, through his Spirit, develop the gifts and graces he has given us. We believe that the Church is at its best when all the people share in its life and ministry.
You can gain some idea of our activities through this web site. As you can see, they are varied; some might be described as "spiritual", some as "secular". In all of them, however, we are seeking to grow and develop our God-given gifts.
Above all, in our Sunday worship, we offer the totality of our lives; our families; friendships, work, leisure activities, problems, hopes, fears and expectations, to God our Father. Most of all, we give our love in Jesus.
We invite you to join us in what we believe to be "the Journey of a Lifetime".


Our weekly worship is 10.30am every Sunday. Holy Communion is celebrated monthly.
We, as Methodists, enjoy a fairly free and informal approach to worship, but we aim to offer worship that is dignified and which is characterised by a sense of joy and thankfulness.
Sometimes, the Minister of the Church or another Minister from our group of churches (the Area, HAEBEA) will lead worship. At other times, a Lay (Local) Preacher will be the leader. Other members of the congregation take part in various ways and all are encouraged to use their gifts for the glory of God.
Musically, we embrace both traditional and contemporary forms. The music is led by our pipe organ at most services; very occasionally we use a keyboard or other instruments. We have a choir which normally provides an introit on Sunday mornings.
Sometimes we have special services and these are announced in our weekly notices. We also have worship in which members of the Junior Church and uniformed organisations take part.
Above all, we worship as a family and, since we are God's family, nobody is excluded.